"I contain multitudes."

I’ve never seen one person love another the way I watched my grandpa love my grandpa. In the 16 months she’s been gone, there hasn’t been a day I don’t see him cry.

Tonight, he got on his bicycle and went out looking for her and fell off. I think he just wants to be done. I can’t imagine loving someone that much. 

i’m not good at college

I don’t like
where girls
advertise their
fun times
on instagram
while their friends
do the same.

I stand in the corner with my
dead phone in my
pocket and
plan my escape.

I think that if there 
were a time in my life
that I will be very happy,
it is this:

Driving home,
underneath the 
going under the speed limit
past fields and farms,
with my hand on anothers,
sleeping babies in the back seat and
the radio muted.

Not this basement,
not this sticky floor, 
not these crop tops,
not these filters,
not this inadequacy.

i wrote this 15 months ago

I love the way you
think you can grow beards,
your 3am phone calls to me
keep you young
(you’re afraid of 
your neighbors
but I don’t mind).

I love the way you
light up when 
we talk about 
peaking in High School,
neither of us
mastered the art of
being cool in 

I love the way
you sing to me
when we’ve been drinking too much-
you learned the right notes
to put
sober tears in my
glassy eyes.

I love the way you

keep fucking girls in your
basement that listen to Tyga-
it reminds me that you
aren’t that


Madly involved in the
sport of 
throwing stones
in plastic homes,
we are perfecting
our pitch and 
laughing at the 
emptiness of 
the outfield. 

But, you see,
it is empty like
the ocean is empty-
and floating is always an option.

You maybe need a 
nice big 
sail boat,
you’ve just been used to
row boats
so you never stopped long
enough to find your 
arms tired.

(When I go forwards, you go backwards
And somewhere we will meet.)

"The Type"

-Sarah Kay

Alone at 3am

I have 
dodged a 
million of you
"6 foot 2 with
dark hoodie,
mid twenties,
expect more
updates and info,
stay safe out there”s,
am I the only 
one seeing
(other suns?)
in the sewer grates 
outside my 
front door?

Safety Lamp

My neighbor sells
but he keeps all his
lights on at night
for fear of the

You Will Wade Out

Two parts good, one part
maybe tired,
maybe sad
(I haven’t decided yet),
looking at my
(mine tonight,
I put it on reserve because
I felt I deserved it).

other than
big waves and 
teenagers on their
first date
(blackberry stain hickies 
to bring home to momma).                                                                                                    

My eyes are closed
because I’m having a 
and I don’t want to 
see any other 
because then I’ll
start to compare.

I hope no one steals my
apartment keys
as I take off my sweatshop
tennis shoes and


breaths in:

one for the 
limitless lonley space
on this bench and
in this world

one for the
sailboats like
along the crease where the
lake is kissing the sky

one for the 
prayers I’ve been
skipping out on
(except when I’m on 
airplanes or in 
fast cars)

and one for 

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